Unlearning patterns and creating new ones

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when we were young we learned the patterns of the world. our environment shapes our worldview and our patterns of behavior are created as a survival mechanism. many of the experiences we continue to have are done automatically and seem to never end because we unconsciously repeat the learned patterns of behavior. recognize the patterns of behavior that come up and consider how it is a reflection of the experiences you had when you were young. if it has happened before then correct yourself before you respond in the way you have responded in the past. if you continue to do the same things then a similar outcome will result and you learn nothing. life is a growth, and if you are not working on yourself then you are letting yourself down. consider the various thoughts you have during your day and whenever they begin to run away, stop and quiet your thoughts. be aware of the patterns and behaviors you are actually creating day to day and use the time you have well.


We all are connected to each other because we all need each other, we are bound with different "Traits" which makes us incomplete, just like we in the community needs individuals like you to make us grow.

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Letting your thoughts run is a good creative exercise, like all things in Moderation.

I like to make sure I am not being controlled by letting my thoughts run, if I try to run this way or that way it will tell me something about my subconscious.

This has a formal name, psychonaut.