Monday Night Pizza Party!!

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If you want PIZZA you have to call THE REAL CANADIAN PIZZA HOUSE!

I have all this PIZZA staked and I love to help serve pizza to fellow Hivvers! I just wanted to check in today on our pizza party guests from this summer to see how everyone is doing.

So I asked myself, how could I bring value to the HivePizza token community? So I built

The Canadian Pub and the

Canadian Pizza House are always

open in the Canada Community

I am adding a new invite list here, who has interacted with me recently?
@kristall97 @nathanmars @ahmetay @blumela @bencwarmer @zottone444 @badpupper @theshell @grapthar @yourmarklubbers @anadolu @dadspardan @vempromundo @jim-crypto @frankbacon @the-bitcoin-dood @wrestlingdesires @williamtboy @doziekash @jersteemit @trostnandia.pob @captainquack22 @bendany @cooperclub @investforfree @trezzahn @arcange @josseangel @adamcurry33 @artistofjirah @sarkash7011 @dibblers.dabs @solar-anamnesis @mimi05 @thenakedtruth @ganjafarmer @astrocreator @onwugbenuvictor @saltyreptile @benthomaswwd @peterale @braiiboy @elricmoonslayer @focus.folks

Leave a comment and I will send you a slice of PIZZA token!

Hive-Engine Token Prices

PIZZA 0.39 HIVE | $0.3129 (Up 545.12% from $0.0574)

HYPNO 0.00039 HIVE | $0.0003122 (Up 335.36% from $0.00009315)

FOODIE 0.00139 HIVE | $0.0011158 (Down from $0.0018)

BEER 0.20 HIVE | $0.1607212 (Up 207% from $0.07758)

When you are social on Hive you are demonstrating your human meaningful efforts, and in an increasingly automated world this is important.

I might have thrown in a little hypnotism for fun but I STRONGLY URGE YOU TO ORDER PIZZA

Just comment below and ask for a slice. If you are a human being and can verify your proof of brain for me, I will deliver a slice of pizza ( and maybe a beer because none of us are driving here) !

You are all invited to this pizza party!

@inavan @nonameslefttouse @synrg @borghesegardens @borgheseglass @focus.folks @davidkingns @prairiemtnman13 @ailindigo @edthecanadian @nathanthewise @k4r1nn @nineclaws @eastmael @zahidsun @d00k13 @wil.metcalfe @drutter @an-man @muntaharaceh @stephen.king989 @unschool @saboin @alapok @rawbe @phusionphil @marketceo @cconn @magneticquill @mysterlang @sagenode @abstractenigma @peach4snoopy , @monolithicmusic , @mytechtrail @shadflyfilms @annephilbrick @bulldog-joy @offgridlife @rawbe @frankbacon @bendany @firinmahlazer @charcoalbuffet @stickupboys @coriolanus13373 @eythorphoto, @synrg , @da-dawn , @dylanhobalart , @fredrikaa , @ahmetay, @grapthar , @chrisrice , @ironshield , @friendlymoose , @the-bitcoin-dood , @natepowers , @titusfrost , @anadolu , @joemark , @manniman, @paulmoon410, @ahmetay, @ecoinstats , @doziekash, @captainquack22, @allcapsonezero , @sharkthelion , @coininstant , @zottone444, @web-gnar, @theb0red1

Tag a friend to invite them for a slice.

If you leave me a comment youll get my upvote, if you don't want to be tagged in this just let me know and I will cross you off the invite list. Thank you for being social and interacting recently!


Our Last Pizza Parties!

July 2nd 2021 | August 24th 2021

September 11th 2021 | October 11th 2021 <--- This is today! Wow

Hive/Created | HypnoChain (HYPNO) Peakd
POB/Created (POB) | FoodiesUnite (FOODIE) PeakD



Yes I'll have a slice please


So, what's new?

I'm sleeping on the ground

It's a nice night

Rain forecast tomorrow... 😐

Walked 30 kilometres today

(Canada's metric, yeah?)


Thanks for including The Dood. Not sure if it's too late or not but I'll tag @steevc He got me started on with PIZZA.

!PIZZA for you dude!

I feel a strange urge to ... picks up the phone and orders some 'ZZA


Its !PIZZA time!


Wheres that pizza bot lol

How's life? What would we do without beer and pizza during a pandemic?

!BEER !PIZZA It has definitely been fun to throw these parties! Would be nice to order some actual pizza and get some friends together IRL too. Feel free to throw your own pizza party and make a post!

I'm down with pizza and beer for Thanksgiving

Welcome!! Have some !BEER & !PIZZA ! I hope you are having a great day.

Nice one pizza time with !PIZZA and fun! untitled.gif

Yess! Welcome back @stickupboys

Have some !BEER & !PIZZA !

Nice stick man you got there!

Right on I'm accumulating pizza and even though I don't drink beer all of this is just growing.

Thank you very much!!!

Working late and staking those coins!!
After a long harvest, its time for some !BEER & !PIZZA !


Right on thank you very much and I can't wait to enjoy both!!!

You're awesome, thank you

!PIZZA !! So great to see your comment, can't wait to see you again.

Pizza rules, the ninja turtles were always right about it.

Indeed! Never pay full price for late pizza 🍕 !PIZZA Master Splinter Said

Hah, I remember that from the first Ninja Turtles.

Pizza time!!!!

Calling @bl4ckd3vil @christahir @petrikeil to receive some pizza.

!PIZZA Thanks for participating!!

Nice pizza party. We just got a new pizza place where I'm at

Let me know if its any good! I don't like when the crust is real dry.
I drove by the Burger Priest yesterday, I can't believe that place is still open.

Have some !BEER & !PIZZA @rawbe!

Love your style @darkflame 🍕 #pizza makes the world 🌍 go round! #THG #official

@ultm8xgaming @jim-crypto @flauwy @tedus @xlordfifth are all 🍕 lovers I'm sure ❤️ $pizza #nft #hivechain

Thanks for tagging friends!! !PIZZA

I am bringing as many people in my #gaming guild as I can to @peakd -tons of them play #Splinterlands so it's not a difficult transition as they already have #hive keys.

Thanks for the support @darkflame 😊🔥🎮🏆

Thanks for calling me 💕

$Pizza is my favourite of all the food groups 🍕 @dark #CanadianPub ftw

I love pizza!
The Canadian pub Is opened even for not Canadian? 😜






@darkflame, you've been given LUV from @bencwarmer.

Check the LUV in your H-E wallet. (1/5)

Of course! You are welcome any time my friend. !PIZZA

hahaha, I'll gladly eat a slice of pizza. XD

Of course! You got it @josseangel thanks for showing up to the party!!
Have some !BEER & !PIZZA !

I'd say it's time for a nice ol' Thanksgiving pizza party, eh, @darkflame ? ^^

Absolutely!! And I have all my friends here like you, what a great afternoon.
Have some !BEER & !PIZZA !

Wow good! A party of pizza and beer!! Delicious friend, thank you very much for your invitation and your courtesy in the gifts!! I must invest in more pizza and beer soon!! Have an excellent night!!

Great to see you! I hoped you would comment. I'm about to eat my dinner so enjoy some !BEER & !PIZZA !

And here I am!! Also about to have dinner so have a good meal for us 😉

I forgot to mention my friends @simolestomequedo and @anto012 to participate in this incredible party!!

Sounds like fun, keep up the good work, mate!


Thank you! Ranking up quickly this season?
Have some !BEER & !PIZZA !

Brilliant i am trying to learn all about everything here on Hive.Blog will get there on catch up 😉 it always seems lol have the best day @darkflame

Thank you for responding, I am so glad you are still active. is great but you should try and use the hivesigner option when you sign in! Once you authorize access to peakd you will be able to use a whole range of tools. You can also download the app Ecency, and Dappler too if available in your app store. !PIZZA !BEER

My oh My .. how I love night parties. Especially when it Involves pizza and beer. And I brought my dancing shoes, because I'm ready to dance all night

Yes! There is nothing like getting out and having a great time!
Have some !BEER & !PIZZA !

Im always up for a good party





I am glad you do! I made it with love, and SPARTAAAAA

Woohoo here is some pizza for you. thanks for the party invite. !PIZZA

I am grateful that you made it!! Have some !BEER & !PIZZA !


I'd like to order a veggie pizza with dill pickle slices and extra cheese please.

@moon-city, are you hungry for pizza tonight?

Thank you! I like to know what kind of pizza you like,
so dill slices and extra extra cheese coming up!

Lol, hey there is some resemblance:)

Thank you for the beer and pizza! 😃😋

Oh boy, pizza party! Slices flying all over the place!

You made it! I was just cleaning up the tables from our earlier guests.
I hope it continues to be a busy night! !PIZZA !BEER

I am honored to join this party.

Welcome back @ahmetay thanks for joining us!! !PIZZA !BEER

o.O) is that Minetest?

This is MineCraft but now you having me looking at MineTest! It looks almost identical.

Have some !BEER & !PIZZA !

It‘s the open alternative since Microsoft took over Minecraft. Pretty popular in the open Source community and the free City of Neoxian used to run a server here on Hive.

Oh really! @neoxian is this true? I would install it to join a server, that is great! @neoxiancity do you still run a MineTest server?

Hey @darkflame, here is a little bit of BEER from @badpupper for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

The best thing about this party is that it is celebrated with pizza 🍕


Thank you.

!PIZZA Great to see you! Have a slice and a drink !BEER I am not sure if the tap is working but i'll have to check with @beerlover

Oops I think I'm too late i miss this pizza party

Not at all! You made it, glad to see your reply. Did you have a good holiday weekend? !PIZZA !BEER

People like me have no holidays all the time working working hardworking 😅😅

Nice work :) Did you use a 3d program?

How can I prove that I'm a human and not a ghoul though...


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Thanks for the invite but now I am hungry irl and can't game

Have some !BEER & !PIZZA ! Time to Eat

Thanks !BEER !PIZZA for you too