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One of the big stories right now is the Taliban taking over Afghanistan. We've seen a lot of ohoyos and stuff from Afghanistan of people running away, climbing the wings of aeroplanes just to flee and falling to their deaths when the aeroplanes are high up in the air. We've seen women giving their babies to foreign soldiers just so their babies can escape without them.

I have a take on this matter and my take is that any Muslim running from Afghanistan is a fool. Because the Taliban is there to follow the Muslim laws (Sharia) strictly. As a Muslim you have to be in support of the Sharia law because it is written there in the 'word of God' (Quran), if you're going to call yourself a Muslim and tell everyone that the Quran is true and should be followed why then would you run when the Quran is about to be followed completely? If you think the laws are messed up then you're saying God's words are messed up and shouldn't be followed, and if so you have no business being a Muslim.

In a nutshell I'm saying they should stay and suffer the harmful effects of following their religion, except they have come to their senses and decided the religion is messed up. You dig me?

Thank you for sharing @nevies this is an important topic to discuss and you presented your thoughts clearly. This is a relevant and important subject to current events.


I don't know anything about Islam and being a Muslim, maybe you could enlighten me...

Are their different shades to the faith? Similar to how there's many hundreds of denominations of Christianity around the world? Each of them interpreting their scripture differently, emphasising certain things, de-emphasising others, and rejecting still other things completely? They all might agree on some things, but not all things regarding their faith

I could be wrong, but couldn't two people be Muslim and believe different things? And practise their faith differently?

Surely Islam is not a monolithic and homogenous belief system the world over? Or even just in Afghanistan?

Wouldn't there be many people that aren't Muslim living in Afghanistan as well?

Again, I don't know. Looking forward to the discussion though

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You're right, there are different shades to the faith, but that doesn't come in to play here, the Taliban implements 'Sharia Law', this law is derived from the Quran and the Quran is the 'word of God' that all Muslims subscribe to. All the different sects/denominations of Islam have no disagreement over most of these harsh laws, although there are some other laws written by Islamic scholars that are not in the Quran and there are disagreements among Muslims over them but no disagreement over the ones in the Quran.

Now, the fact that you're a Muslim means you accept the Quran as the word of God, why would you be running away when the word of God is about to be implemented? If you have come to the realization that the so called word of God is cruel/evil then why are you still a Muslim?

Also, your observation that there would be some people who aren't Muslims in Afghanistan is actually correct, for sure there are people like that, those are the people that deserve protection, though. If protection can't come then running away is great and should be facilitated.

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There's the recent story of how Microsoft, now owner of Github, has created Codex using neural net algorithms developed by OpenAI

It's been trained on the open-sourced code of millions of projects on Github and is now being sold as commercially licensed software

The idea is that you type in what you want a piece of software to do and the neural net codes it for you

It raises questions of whether it's fair or right that Microsoft profit off of closed-source software derived from the combined work of millions of open-source coders

This looks interesting 😋😂😂

Are you the pizza guy here with my lunch? 😃 Whats your story kid!

This is old news but apparently still worthy of posting here.

Back around 2016 I was doing some volunteer work in one of the offices of the Paradise Building in Los Angeles. I was working in an office on the second floor. On the first floor are other offices and some framed pictures along the halls of when the office building used to be a theatre.

In the spring of 2016 the office almost directly under where I was working was leased to the Hillary Clinton for president 2016 campaign. For weeks I would walk by that office. The office hardly ever had anyone going in or out of it as far as I could tell. I think partly due to it being early in the serious part of the 2016 campaign and also because California's electoral votes were virtually guaranteed for whomever the democrat running for president would be so the efforts were focused on other states she could possibly lose.

Due to the lack of people going in and out of the office it was tempting to tape a funny sign to the main office door. A funny but not clearly obvious a joke sign because I wanted to see how long it would take someone to notice. I finally came up with the idea of "The Wi-Fi network password is 4getBenghazi". "Benghazi" referring to a 2012 event while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.

I thought it would be a funny "psychology experiment" but I never followed through with it so I'll never know how long a sign like that taped to the campaign office door would have stayed up. I talked myself out of it because I was sure there had to be some kind of federal law against doing that and partly I was paranoid that I'd be caught in the act. After all, the best security is when the security is aware of you but you're not aware of it. Maybe I overestimated what kind of security that campaign office had. I am not sure if I could go back in time to 2016 if I'd be brave enough after all these years to attempt that.

Note: The photo below is the office's exit. I was a little paranoid because I kind of was "casing the joint" to plan how to tape a joke sign to the main office door. I am sure I would have looked even more suspicious documenting the layout of the main office door with my smartphone.

Image: Personal Photo

Interesting thought, at least you captured the moment in a photo. I wonder what secrets were behind that door. Never forget Bengazi.