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I like to watch Hive and HBD
closely, and will continue to do so.

0.343 USD (-)

0.910 USD (-)

PeakD has a great page for this

Hive-Engine tokens

These values are calculated by checking the latest sell order if you were to go buy one, then I convert the Hive amount into USD using @CoinGecko.

I am doing this to keep track of the price changes each week, and so others can discover these tokens. If you have any other token suggestions please leave a comment at the bottom.

LEO $0.304 (-)

CUB $0.628 (+)

NEOXAG $0.0004765 (-)

VIBES $0.1028 (-)

BHT $0.003853 (-)

FOODIE $0.002365 (-)

LOTUS $0.006547 (-)

PIZZA $0.0617 (-)

HYPNO $0.0000685 (-)

POB $0.5959 (-)

LIST $0.00677 (-)

BEER $0.0942 (-)

Bitcoin was down 0.8% the past day, so a lot of top 50 tokens were down, however Hive is actually up today 4.5% to 980 Satoshis, or $0.342 USD. If you take a look at the Messari chart, it really seems like a good time to buy more Hive before it takes off again. Whenever Bitcoin rises, Hive seems to follow.


On May 24, 2021 there was $34,473,519 worth of volume, but today on June 13th 2021 there has only been $3,301,852 which is basically 9.5% what it was on May 24th.


So don't think that low prices mean Hive is done. It's just not been a busy day of trading. The price seems to be higher when Hive is busier. I am interested to see which months are most active, does @arcange have any more statistics like this?

Full Image from "Hive Statistics – 2021.06.11" by @Arcange

Can anyone venture a guess why there was 10x the trading volume on May 24th versus today?

These tokens are all on my watch list.


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Reading it from POB frontend sad to saw bearish in Crypto Now a days hope this will be stable soon

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Thanks for price update. Sadly hive and some tribe token took a little dive from last week.

Hope we see a much better new week. Viewing this from proofofbrain

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Sorry, out of BEER, please retry later...

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