Hive prices 110621

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I like to watch Hive and HBD
closely, and will continue to do so.

0.352 USD (-)

0.964 USD (-)

PeakD has a great page for this

Hive-Engine tokens

These values are calculated by checking the latest sell order if you were to go buy one, then I convert the Hive amount into USD using @CoinGecko.

I am doing this to keep track of the price changes each week, and so others can discover these tokens. If you have any other token suggestions please leave a comment at the bottom.

LEO $0.325 (+)

CUB $0.53 (-)

NEOXAG $0.000535 (-)

VIBES $0.1265 (+)

BHT $0.00412 (+)

FOODIE $0.00249 (-)

LOTUS $0.007083 (-)

PIZZA $0.0623 (-)

HYPNO $0.00007234 (-)

POB $0.62 (-)

LIST $0.00723 (-)

BEER $0.0994 (-)

These tokens are all on my watch list.


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im pretty much in all tribes with at least a finger in the pool :)

!PIZZA thanks for your comment. I love how diverse Hive is becoming and I am trying to raise awareness as well as track prices, and engage with users across these major communities. I still feel there are many users that do not even know the possibilities. Hive is in such a good position, there is no other platform that I would rather spend my time working on.



@dadspardan! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @darkflame.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at (2/20)