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I like to watch Hive and HBD
closely, and will continue to do so.

0.416 USD (-)

1.000 USD (+)

PeakD has a great page for this


These are the most interesting Community tokens
I have been looking it, but not all of them.

NEOXAG $0.0007037
---- Use
Vote for @neoxian as Witness by clicking HERE

VIBES $0.1245 (+)

A community for music, for musicians, for rising stars.

Challenge: Review an Album, Play your Guitar,

Write some song lyrics and express your love for music!
Post your #musicforlife in the comments!

BHT $0.00416 (+)

This community is about the Evolution of Technology, Skills, & Ideas.

Challenge: Create a BroadHive "Profile" like a resume.

Write about technologies that have evolved during your life.
Create a series of posts on broadhive that demonstrate your skills.
Post your #broadhiveprofile in the comments!

FOODIE $0.0037 (+)
If you are posting a picture of your Steak or Salad, that goes in #Foodie


Install actifit and cross-post exercise and meals!
Post your #acti-brunch in the comments!!
What did you eat for lunch?

LOTUS $0.0082 (+)

Use to share #plantmedicine , #sustainability , and more

Challenge: Write a NaturalMedicine story!

Write something about #meditation or #keto , create new content!
Post the link to your story in the comments.

PIZZA $0.075 (+)

Hold 20 PIZZA to call the @pizzabot who will deliver a slice to your friend!

HYPNO $0.000083 (-)

A niche community about #hypnotherapy, and #hypnosis

Challenge: Have you ever been Hypnotized?

Help fill out HypnoChain with relevant stories & research.
Share your Hypnosis story and post it in the comments!

POB $0.7015 (-)

Demonstrate your Proof Of Brain

Post your latest #proofofbrain in the comments and
I will think about your idea and leave you a thoughtful comment.

LIST $0.009125 (+)
(Stake LIST to recieve COM tokens.)
Create a Store Post Classifieds

Use HiveList to post ads for digital items you have for sale!

LEO $0.3163 (+)
Use #LeoFinance & Stake LEO if you write about
Markets & Finance; Cryptos, Money, Stocks

Challenge: post 3 new LeoFinance stories;

pick 3 random altcoins and learn all about them. Find out what the whitepaper says, try to explain it, find the exchanges and create some wallet or mining setup instructions for us. Lets but our brains together! (Check out the LeoFinance AMA post also.)

CUB $0.69 (+) <- Setup Docs
CUB tokens are on #BSC and you can
earn them for staking LP token pairs.

BEER $0.1162 (+)
STAKE 24 BEER to call @beerlover in a comment
to gift 0.1 BEER token to that user! (Buy 240 to call 10 times a day.)

These tokens are all on my watch list.


If you are Canadian you can join us in the Canada Community

What communities are you part of?

Which community are you viewing this on?

Find your Tribe!



Thanks and !BEER

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