My 1st Hypnochain post!

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Today @holovision tipped me 1 Hypno Token in one of my posts.
At first I was wondering what this is, till I saw this in Hive-engine's description:

HypnoChain is a tokenized community for hypnosis content creators and appreciators where you can earn HYPNO (our token) and HIVE (blockchain's native currency) just by creating and/or curating content about hypnosis. By staking your HYPNO you can even distribute more HYPNO on your comments. For each 100 staked HYPNO you can call our bot once per day "!HYPNO" to tip 1 HYPNO free of charge to someone, just by typing !HYPNO into a comment. You can see more about us on our website; on our Hive Community; and on Discord

a new frontend in HIVE!

Immediately I decided to make this very post with one of my trippy GIF's

Hypno token STAKED!

I love new beginnings & new opportunities.
I believe this HIVE niche is one of my best.
What is next we will see ;)

All the best!

....aaaand here is the soundtrack!!!

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Welcome! I guess I am one of the biggest supporters of this community and if you have any questions tag @dannychain because that's the user who is officially in charge of the Hypnochain community.

I will

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Thank you! :)

Яко в транса :)

Това е като DMT трип :)


Мхм аз това лято ще бутна такова ;)


Мали само кажи кога и идвам ;)
Или ти заповядай в Търново ;)


Hey @trayan, here is your HYPNO ;)