Our First Pixel Art in NFT


Hello Community # SembrandoUnPaís today our Project presents the beginning of the #PixelFarm collection, the first piece is titled Corn Farmer (Corn Farmer) and marks our beginning in #PixelArt, it is worth saying that this is an experimental collection, since we are beginning to venture into this artistic style that little by little has been taking over the digital art markets.

Like the other arts that we have been presenting to you, this one has been #tokenized as #NFT in #daVinciGallery they would support us a lot if you follow the link and see the art (at its best) in the gallery; Likewise, if you have the possibility, please share the link on your Twitter: https://davinci.gallery/view/0x293b80fd0453655c8acd6eea7516fccb38cbb80e

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