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RE: The "HypnoChain" Hypnosis Community, a New Wellness Micro Niche on Hive!

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Whaaaat that’s as micro niche as it gets. If they can take some initiative to do onboarding then it’s a really nice thing though, same as the reggae front end 😆


Will you be writing something on the hypno chain?

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I don’t know what I have to offer hypnochain. I suppose I could use the tag for my music 😆

I only found out because a tiny bit showed up as a dividend in one of the Hive-Engine "funds" I own... INDEX, maybe? Just giving it a pitch here because I'm fairly familiar with hypnotherapy. It would be nice to see it make something of itself. Diverse non-crypto, non-technical content is good for the greater Hive ecosystem.

Bright Blessings!

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me as well

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Do you do tarot readings on other platforms?

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