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Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
Hypno can be converted to HYPNO POWER in a process called staking.
71 293.39725016 HYPNO
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn on curation rewards.
120 061.53732174 HYPNO

Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
Hive can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
479.703 HIVE
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn on curation rewards.
Part of darkflame's HIVE POWER is currently delegated. Delegation is donated for influence or to help new users perform actions on Hive. Your delegation amount can fluctuate.
1 872.256 HIVE
(-349.488 HIVE)
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.

Hive Engine Tokens
4,965 AFIT0.10(26.54) ALIVE0.001 APE0.714(2.486) ARCHON0 ASH3.64(8.52) BATTLE5 BBH0.363(185.819) BEATCZ102.014 BEE0(173.134) BEER6,950.301(17,545.405) BHT3.355(478.468) BLOG0 BLQ0.469 BLURT1.843(8,620.915) BPC0.058 BRO11.839(1,026.769) CCC241.904(656.281) CENT0.455(65.962) CINE8.208(3.848) COM3.826(15.597) CTP0 CUB6,000.598 DEC25.457 DHEDGE54 ENGAGE9.794 ENTRY7,777 FDOGE52.888(5,014.321) FOODIE26.975 FQX0.069(10,002.797) GAMER1.465 HUSTLER83.538 INDEX41.520(22,085.547) INFOWARS0 JAHM0(1.127) KANDA0.648(5.828) LASSECASH0.25 LENM10.652(207.677) LEO8.860(695.710) LERN23.114(399.054) LIST2.178(1,373.989) LOTUS31 LUV1,000 LVL1,820.511(6,191.011) MEME13.195(3,399.195) NEOXAG0 ONEUP0.342(3.02) PAL26,957.16(131,751.307) PAY1,319.90 PGM11.10(422.15) PIZZA209.512(1,502.319) POB0(2) SAND504.827 SIM0(86.549) SPACO0 SPACOM1,521.986(52,013.217) SPORTS0.015 SPS5.001(1,488.759) SPT0.002 STAR2.479(168.400) STEM0 SWAP.BTC13.006 SWAP.DOGE0.002 SWAP.EOS0 SWAP.ETH0 SWAP.HBD0.261 SWAP.HIVE0 SWAP.STEEM0.02 SWAP.SWIFT0 TAN18.257(8.257) TEST.EON6.90 TESTO2.020(626.975) VIBES0(2) VIBESM0.156 VOUCHER0(500) WAIV1.322(2.193) WEED0.60(2.85) WINE3.55 WINEX


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4 days agoIssued 354.51594136 HYPNO
4 days agoCuration reward: 354.51594136 HYPNO for synrg/re-darkflame-r14ywu
4 days agoIssued 332.00623716 HYPNO
4 days agoCuration reward: 332.00623716 HYPNO for synrg/re-darkflame-r13gmz
6 days agoIssued 561.82677814 HYPNO
6 days agoCuration reward: 561.82677814 HYPNO for photonium/re-darkflame-r1075e
7 days agoIssued 532.34358720 HYPNO
7 days agoCuration reward: 265.37546086 HYPNO for unschool/re-darkflame-r0yv1u
7 days agoCuration reward: 266.96812634 HYPNO for doomz/re-darkflame-r0yl7y
8 days agoIssued 921.17736475 HYPNO
8 days agoCuration reward: 230.70037633 HYPNO for abstractenigma/re-darkflame-20211012t22143402z
9 days agoCuration reward: 453.43053857 HYPNO for photonium/re-darkflame-20211012t143846940z
9 days agoCuration reward: 237.04644985 HYPNO for photonium/re-darkflame-20211012t141929325z
9 days agoIssued 7162.52917766 HYPNO
9 days agoCuration reward: 231.42310201 HYPNO for dadspardan/re-darkflame-r0vowo
9 days agoAuthor reward: 7.76459135 HYPNO for darkflame/re-dadspardan-r0vnlk
9 days agoAuthor reward: 1.31068423 HYPNO for darkflame/re-benthomaswwd-r0vnhw
9 days agoCuration reward: 236.76726417 HYPNO for benthomaswwd/r0vgh3
9 days agoCuration reward: 237.35488405 HYPNO for dadspardan/re-darkflame-r0vb1n
9 days agoCuration reward: 247.91164598 HYPNO for tedus/re-darkflame-r0v7xb
9 days agoCuration reward: 247.93354187 HYPNO for doomz/re-darkflame-r0v5ng
9 days agoCuration reward: 255.75645778 HYPNO for bencwarmer/re-darkflame-20211012t132843313z
9 days agoCuration reward: 222.19097488 HYPNO for ahmetay/re-darkflame-20211012t6531985z
9 days agoCuration reward: 517.54271245 HYPNO for nineclaws/re-darkflame-20211011t214343244z
9 days agoCuration reward: 235.16835216 HYPNO for ironshield/re-darkflame-20211011t212635790z
9 days agoCuration reward: 242.21238497 HYPNO for nineclaws/re-darkflame-20211011t20532358z
9 days agoCuration reward: 249.59446596 HYPNO for an-man/re-darkflame-20211012t01334941z
9 days agoAuthor reward: 17.45918409 HYPNO for darkflame/re-phusionphil-r0u87k
9 days agoCuration reward: 258.24264080 HYPNO for phusionphil/re-darkflame-20211011t183134z
9 days agoCuration reward: 266.25773094 HYPNO for doziekash/re-darkflame-r0u6ad
9 days agoCuration reward: 275.42014584 HYPNO for badpupper/re-darkflame-r0u5pm
9 days agoCuration reward: 288.27902276 HYPNO for mimi05/re-darkflame-20211011t193941627z
9 days agoCuration reward: 291.17690163 HYPNO for trezzahn/re-darkflame-20211011t183851374z
9 days agoCuration reward: 305.74322822 HYPNO for josseangel/re-darkflame-r0u46b
9 days agoCuration reward: 317.16254164 HYPNO for manniman/re-darkflame-r0u3yd
9 days agoCuration reward: 338.92431861 HYPNO for rawbe/re-darkflame-20211011t162056312z
9 days agoAuthor reward: 4.85959404 HYPNO for darkflame/re-stickupboys-r0u3df
9 days agoCuration reward: 691.67881920 HYPNO for pizzabot/re-monday-night-pizza-party-20211011t221824z
9 days agoCuration reward: 382.31275095 HYPNO for ganjafarmer/re-darkflame-20211011t151738514z
9 days agoCuration reward: 394.05185367 HYPNO for stickupboys/re-darkflame-r0u38q
9 days agoCuration reward: 398.02938341 HYPNO for alapok/re-darkflame-r0u31z
9 days agoIssued 2237.16570480 HYPNO
10 days agoCuration reward: 863.57696260 HYPNO for darkflame/monday-night-pizza-party
10 days agoAuthor reward: 1373.58874220 HYPNO for darkflame/monday-night-pizza-party